Matilda McNair

Matilda McNair



London, United Kingdom.


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After studying Acting at the Brit School for Performing Arts and Technology for 2 years, I've acted in a number of short films, and a feature, and a variety of plays. Over the years I've played a wide range of characters, including male roles such as King Lear - it is always a joy to work with different people, and exciting to study and develop a character.
Stage and Screen


FEBRUARY - Syrup, short film written and directed by Madina Green (Jacques)
MAY - Chelsea, improvised interactive installation performance piece by Emily Lima (Receptionist)


MAY - Alone at Joan's, short film written and directed by Robin Finetto (Joan)
APRIL - The Call, short film written and directed by William Pope (Matilda)
APRIL - Gloriana, a play at Modern Art Oxford, co-writer and co-director 
MARCH - The First Death of Saint George, short film by Mallard and Moon (Cifga)

JANUARY - Churchill Secret Mistress, Channel 4 Documentary (Lady Doris (Delevingne) Castlerosse)


MARCH - A Flea in Her Ear by Georges Feydeau, Oxford (Antoinette)


MAY - Bedbug, musical theatre performed at The Egg, Theatre Royal, Bath (Doctor).


SEPTEMBER - Diane, music video for The Curious Incident (Diane).

SEPTEMBER - Hard and Soft, feature film directed by Ulla Fudge (Agnetha). [Post-Production]
JULY - Mystic Matilda, 40th Wedding Anniversary Circus Party (Mystic Matilda).
JULY - Strobelight, King Cas, Music video and mini documentary (Woman/Myself).
JULY - Pirates of the Curry Bean, All Saints Primary School (Director).
MAY - Kings and Queens, short by Pavzo (White Queen).
MAY - Short Circuit Radio, Mulgrave Theatre (Co-Producer).
MAY - The Hound of the Baskervilles, Hurlingham (Kathy Stapleton / Emily Tierney).
APRIL - The Coronet, Getty Images. 
MARCH - King Bloom Cocktails and Moka Clothing - by Why Aye Productions, film and shoot.

JUNE - All Eyes on You, music video for Klangkarussell, directed by Edward John Drake (Angel).
JUNE - Starting Line, music video for Kito and Reija Lee, directed by Edward John Drake (Female).
MAY - Murder Mystery, Hurlingham Club (Miss White). 
MARCH - Out of Order, Ray Cooney, Mulgrave Theatre (Detective). 
JANUARY - Love, a short film by Richard Herring and Melissa Parry.

DECEMBER - Corona advert, Windows, Series of short films, produced by Black Sheep (Main female).
DECEMBER - Jägermeister advert, Windows, Series of short films, produced by Black Sheep (Main female).
NOVEMBER - Oklahoma!, Mulgrave Theatre, London (Ellen).
NOVEMBER - Black Tongues Tell White Lies, Oxford House, London (Luther). 
MAY - Any Other Day, a short film directed by Emily Curtin (Grace).
APRIL - Soak/ed, devised with 5 other actors, The Garret Studio (Eros).
MARCH - Darkness, a short film/music video directed by Simon Savory (Leigh).
FEBRUARY - Precious, a short film for a campaign for website, 'It's Milk and Honey'.
JANUARY - Welcome to Thebes, Moira Buffini, the Brit School.
JANUARY - Bites, the Hurlingham Players (dancing classical ballet and contemporary duet and solo). 
JANUARY - Oscar, based on Oscar Wilde’s stories, the Brit School.

DECEMBER - So This is Christmas, the Bussey Building, Peckham (a physical theatre performance).
NOVEMBER - Sound of Music, Mulgrave Theatre (Set Designer).
NOVEMBER - You Me Bum Bum Train, Central London. 
JULY - Being Me, the Ashcroft Theatre in Croydon (Ben).
JULY - Ark, the Garrett Studio (Director).
MAY - Pericles, Shakespeare, production in Brighton’s fringe festival (Dionyza).

APRIL - Down Dog, directed by Andres Dussan (School girl). BFI 2015.

NOVEMBER - Cinderella, with the Hurlingham Players.
MARCH - Ten Times Table, Alan Ayckbourn, with the Hurlingham Players (Assistant Producer).
FEBRUARY - Bodas de Sangre (Blood Wedding), Lorca, Lady Magaret Hall (La Muerte/ Death). 

NOVEMBER - Annie, with the Hurlingham Players. 
MARCH - Andrew Lloyd Webber with the Hurlingham Players (A mixture of scenes and songs from his shows).
FEBRUARY - Mother Hubbard, with the All Saints Drama Group (Jill Hubbard).

NOVEMBER - Wizard of Oz with the Hurlingham Players (Snow fairy, Crow).
OCTOBER - King Lear at Riverside Studios, Shakespeare’s Schools Festival (King Lear).
JULY - Percival the Performing Pig (Director). 
FEBRUARY - Dick Whittington with All Saints Drama Group (Dick Whittington).

Other Skills


Ballet - Grade 8.

Rock Climbing (university competitive team).

Contemporary dance.



Swimming (squad).


Cycling (with some bike tricks).

Motorbike CBT.

Set Design / Painting / Building.

2010 - present

2010 - present